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Northwest Industrial Engine and Compressor Company
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Office Phone: 209-847-2299
Fax Phone: 209-847-8800
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     Preventative Maintenance Schedules


                 Compressor PM  2-Throw Reciprocating Gas Compressor (up to 750hp)


                 Level 1 Comp PM - One day. Includes removing and checking/replacing all compressor

                 valves, checking cylinder to piston (rider band) clearance. Checking packing area for leaks,

                 check crosshead clearances, Replace oil filters. Check lubricator system operation and rate.
                   *Recommended Quartley or Semi-Annual depending on operating conditions.


                 Level 2 Comp PM - Two days. Everything in Level 1 plus removal of both piston and rod

                 assemblies, in-depth inspection of pistons, rings, riders, cylinders, rods, gas packing cases,

                 oil wiper packing. Rod bearing checks. Oil pump drive chain check and adjustment.
                    * Recommended Annually.


                 Level 3 Comp PM - Three Days. Everything in Level 1 and 2 PM's plus Inspection of all Conn-

                 Rod bearings and main bearings, check coupling and shaft alignment. (4-days if alignment or

                 coupling needs repair or adjustment) * Recommended at 20,000+ hours.


             * PM Based on 8-10 hour days and all parts on site. Custom PM Programs availalbe for High Speed
                Separable Compressors and Low Speed Intergal Compressors up to 6500hp. Call for a quote today!





                 IC Engine PM - Internal Combustion, Natural Gas Engine (up to 750hp)


                Level 1 Engine PM - One day. Complete visual Inspection. Replace spark plugs, oil and air filters. 
                Perform valve adjustment and compression test, lube all grease fittings, adjust all belts, fill starter

                lubricator, Inspect Ignition drive, check and adjust igntion timing. *Recommeded Quaterly or 
                Semi-Annual depending on operating conditions.


                Level 2 Engine PM - Two Days. Includes everything in the Level 1 plus complete carburetor
Perform oil change, remove crankcase doors/covers, inspect and clean crankcase, 
                clean oil pump suction screen as needed. *Recomended Annualy


                Level 3 Engine PM - Three Days. Includes everything in Level 1 and Level 2 PM's plus Borescope

                inspection of all cylinders, dial Indicate bearing clearances, check crankshaft end thrust. Perform

                web deflection as required. Replace all drive belts as needed. *Recomended every other year.


                "Top End" Overhaul - Remove all Cylinder Heads, Pistons and Rods, Cylinder

                Sleeve Liners. Replace All - Cylinder Heads, Pistons, Wrist Pins, Rings, Cylinder Sleeves.

                Inspect all Connecting Rods, Mic and inspect crank journals, Replace Rod Bearings. Reassemble 
                engine using new gaskets
and seal rings. Also Includes all tasks listed in Level 2 Engine PM. Start
                and Test. *Recommended at 20,000+hours. Based on Valve Recession/Borescope Reports.


                "Complete" Overhaul - All Of the above plus Complete Crankshaft Inspection of all Bearing

                Journals. Replace all Main Bearings. Complete Camshaft and Lifter Inspection. Replace Camshaft

                Bearings. Replace Drive Gear Bearings. R&R Oil Pump. R&R Water Pump. R&R Vibration Dampner 
                as needed.
Replace all Seals and Gaskets. *Recommended at 40,000+hours. Based on Valve 
                Recession/Borescope Reports and Bearing Clearance Data/ Maintenance History.

        * PM Based on 8-10 hour days and all parts on site. Custom PM/Overhaul Schedules Available. Call for a quote today!

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